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"Very fun thriller"

Lygarinn got another 3-star review in the newspaper Morgunblaðið. The review has the title "Very fun thriller" and says: "Character development is believable and the interaction between them also. The relationship between Vera and Ingólfur, her nasty husband, are especially well written. Writing about a violent relationship is tricky, but Óttar does a fine job. He respects the story and never offers simple explanations ... but shows that these kind of relationships are complex and that domestic violence has many faces."

About the chapters that take place in the year 1972 the critique writes: "It's extremely fun to read Óttar's descriptions of Fischer's attitude and peculiar behavior..."

And the review ends on this note: "The strength of the book is its speed, excitement and fun development. Its quite complex, but Óttar writes in a way which never confuses the reader. A writer has to have a great talent to be able to write so many subplots simultaneously, and it's fun to see it work so well."