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"A Power Show for Adrenaline Addicts"

Áttablaðarósin got a great review on the cultural website The review is called “A Power Show for Adrenaline Addicts.”

The critique says: “I’ve always liked the fast-paced movie style of thrillers. I also like the Nordic crime trend of dealing with social issues and intertwining them with the crime; books which are political and explore current affairs. Óttar Martin executes this both brilliantly. Áttablaðarósin is a multilayered novel with characters from all-over. And the crimes, lies, corruption, violence and secrets from the past and present create a scene that makes up for a chillingly exciting read. Reading the book is almost like watching a sensational thriller in the cinema - a power show. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that film production companies have shown Óttar’s books interest. They’d suit well on the big screen."

And: "Óttar manages to make horrible acts of violence and car chases in Iceland believable. He’s even better when he deals with politics and the corruption that entered the Icelandic business sector ... This book is highly recommended for all adrenalin addicts who like power shows, and also for those who like reading novels about corruption, lies and bad business ways (instead of the real deal we see in the newspapers). And yes, this book would be a fantastic movie."