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The Valhalla Murders - out now on Netflix worldwide!

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The Spectator Life

Spectator Life, the lifestyle magazine from The Spectator, put together a list of the best Scandi Noir to watch this winter, and The Valhalla Murders is on it, along with some of my favorites, likes Bordertown and Caliphate.  The full list can be read here.

First Film Grant

The Icelandic Film Centre has granted my movie project Dimmuborgir (Dark Cities) the first screenwriting grant. The project is based on my own novel, which I published in April, and I highly look forward to developing the story further. 

Danish TV show

The news about the new TV show I'm working on is out and I did two interviews, but they're both in Icelandic. It's a Danish TV show, which I'm writing with fellow-Icelandic writer from The Valhalla Murders, Mikael Torfason. I can't really say much about the project at this stage, except that it's being produced by two-time Academy Award winner Kim Magnusson, and helping us with the story is renowned film maker Achim Von Borries (Babylon Berlin, Goodbye Lenin). The Icelandic interviews are here and here.

Her World

Her World, the popular, best-selling women's magazine in Singapore, puts The Valhalla Murders on its list of best detective and crime shows to watch, along with such classics as Broadchurch and True Detective.The full list is here.

Next Project

I'm currently working on a new TV series, but I can't really say a lot about it, except that it's Danish and produced by an Oscar-winning producer. I'm writing it with another writer and developing the story it with a German director of a much beloved series.

Our series takes place in Denmark and Greenland, at different time periods. I hope to be able to bring you more news about this exciting project later on.

Film Companion

Renowned film site Film Companion puts the Valhalla Murders on its list of 8 foreign-language thriller series to watch on Netflix. The full list is here.

7 Best Shows

The Cinemaholic made a list of TV shows like Marcella and puts The Valhalla Murders on it, where it's with great shows - some of my favorites - like Broadchurch, The Fall, and Happy Valley.

The list is here.

Australian Review

The Sydney Morning Herald gives The Valhalla Murders a very favorable review today: "The Valhalla Murders is enthralling stuff, the contrasting grit and gleam of the interiors and exteriors – and even of the actors themselves – weaving a visual spell of its own. But series creator Thordur Palsson knows how to set a fuse for a slow burn."

You can read it here.


The Spanish edition of men's magazine GQ recommends calls The Valhalla Murders "the best thriller on Netflix". You can read the article here.

Leisure and Travel

Renowned travel magazine Travel and Leisure puts The Valhalla Murders on its 13 Scandinavian binge-worthy TV shows, writing: "The first Icelandic series to appear on Netflix, The Valhalla Murders shows viewers all around this island nation — on the trail of a killer. After a series of seemingly unrelated murders around the country, a detective returns home from his post in Oslo to help investigate. What happens next takes him from Reykjavik to the harbor to the wilderness along the Ring Road, and is based (loosely) on real events that occurred in rural Iceland in the 1940s."

Read the full list here.

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes website recommends The Valhalla Murders, in an article about Nordic Noir shows, concluding: "While the series may start out slowly, it rewards your patience with the tension that builds with each episode."
You can read it here.


Arts Atlanta recommends The Valhalla Murders, writing: "From Iceland comes The Valhalla Murders (eight episodes), the twisty tale of Reykjavik police detective Kata (Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir) who investigates a string of mutilations and murders of middle-aged and older people who worked at a 1980s school for boys with a dark history." 

Adding: "As in the best of these things (think the UK’s Prime Suspect or Happy Valley), what’s as interesting as the whodunit is the professional gender politics and home-life pressures our lead inspector must navigate."

You can read it here.


Popsugar puts The Valhalla Murders on its list of 17 foreign thriller series on Netflix that will "have you on the edge of your seat," as they put it. The list is here.

Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine UK recommends The Valhalla Murders, writing: "Need some new crime drama in your life? The Valhalla Murders has answered your prayers. This brand new series focuses on police officer Arnar, who is sent home to Iceland from Oslo to investigate the country’s first-ever serial killer case. We are expecting grit, gore and a load of 'hide behind the cushion' moments."

You can read it here.

Metro Jornal Brazil

Metro Jornal, the Brazilian newspaper in Sao Paulo, puts The Valhalla Murders on its 5 Nordic show watch list for people who like hidden, dark mysteries. The full list is here.

Most Binged

According to TV Time, the tracking platform for TV and movies on iOS, Android, and web, The Valhalla Murders is one of the most binged limited/mini-series of 2020 so far, putting the show in number 13. The list is here. Very cool.

Entertainment Television

Entertainment Television, or E!, puts The Valhalla Murders on its list of recommendation for those who want to learn a new language while they have fun. The article is here.

Review - Argentina

The Valhalla Murders gets a nice review in Ámbito, the Argentinian newspaper, calling the series a "powerful Icelandic police show", concluding: "Not suitable for overly sensitive viewers, but fans of a strong, gore-filled thriller will be grateful."

Life in Barcelona

I did a small interview about life in Barcelona during the quarantine, and also why my wife and me love and live in the city, which is usually so vibrant and alive. It's in Icelandic and can be read here.

Film Rights Sold

Mystery Productions (The Valhalla Murders, Prisoners, etc) has bought the film rights to my new novel. I'll be writing the adaptation myself and have already started working on it, with director/producer Davíð Óskar Ólafsson attached to direct.

The news was announced in this interview I did the other day in Fréttablaðið, Iceland's biggest newspaper.

Bestseller List

My new novel is on the bestseller list of Eymundsson, Iceland's biggest bookstore chain, taking the sixth place in the all titles category.

Vice Magazine

Vice Magazine (US) recommends The Valhalla Murders as an escapism during these strange times, writing: "I didn't mean to watch The Valhalla Murders in one single Netflix binge. The eight-episode Icelandic police drama was intense, though, and having to focus on English subtitles meant that I couldn't refresh any of the terrifying coronavirus maps that Safari has added to my phone's Frequently Visited section."

CLEO Magazine

CLEO Magazine (Singapore) puts The Valhalla Murders on its list of best detective and crime dramas to binge-watch right now, saying: "Not only is this a thrilling crime drama that will hook you in from the start, it is also worth watching for the gorgeous scenery of Iceland. Except beautiful landscapes of wintry landscapes and sprawling mountains that serve as the perfect backdrop to this dark and brooding mystery."  

Cyprus Mail

The Cyprus Mail,  the only English-language daily newspaper published in Cyprus, callsThe Valhalla Murders a "finely constructed show-don’t-tell Icelandic series".

Review from Romania

Here's a nice review about The Valhalla Murders from Romania, which says: "As the story progresses - increasingly complex - dark secrets from the characters' past begin to surface, making each episode more and more thrilling." 

Adding: "In the end, the action takes a totally unexpected turn, revealing corruption, abuses and the chain of lies woven around the authorities, of those who had to fight, in fact, for the safety and the good of the people, the denouement sending me thinking about a movie, very good, with a similar theme: Spotlight."

TV4 Sweden

The film critic on TV4 in Sweden puts The Valhalla Murders on his week's watch list, alongside The Outsider. Very cool.

Greek Review

Here's a nice review I came across on a Greek website, which summarizes: "The Valhalla Murders, Netflix's excellent mystery series.The unfolds masterfully, without semantic gaps, chatter and exaggeration."

Veja Sao Paulo

The cinema critic for Veja, the leading weekly publication in Brazil, recommends The Valhalla Murders, simply stating: "Have you thought about watching a series from Iceland? Not? The time has come!" 

You can read it here. It's in Portuguese.

ABC in Australia

ABC, Australia's national broadcaster, gives The Valhalla Murders a very favorable review on its radio station, saying that it "respects its audience, and delivers a gruesome mystery with a strong female lead."

Saying that the cinematography is "done with such richness ... absolutely beautiful to look at" and praising the music as well, concluding: "After the second episode, I was completely and utterly engaged".
 You can listen to it here, from the beginning to around minute 15.

Popular in USA

According to PC Magazine, The Valhalla Murders was the 12th most watched show on Netflix in the USA last week, and the 20th across all video-streaming services. Pretty cool.

Review - The Hindu

The large Indian newspaper The Hindu published a very favorable review about The Valhalla Murders, calling it a "compelling watch" and "a thrilling, slow-burn mystery that is filmed beautifully".

The review concludes: "The Valhalla Murders is a taut, thrilling journey into the welfare-state-forged manacles of the mind."

Daily Express

The Daily Express, one of UK's biggest newspapers, calls The Valhalla Murders a "gripping mystery" and wonders if there will be a season two. I'm hoping to be able to answer that in a couple of weeks!

Review from South-Africa

Fun to run into a very positive review in the South-African blog RSG, written in Afrikaans. The show gets 9 stars out of 10, with the conclusion: "The Valhalla Murders is catchy, entertaining, surprising and will allow your time to relax within a blink of an eye. Guess and investigate together."

My Favorite Murder

The weekly crime podcast My Favorite Murder recommends The Valhalla Murders in their latest episode. It's one of iTunes' most popular podcasts, with 19 million monthly downloads.

The hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, start talking about the series on minute 9:30. You can listen to it here.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Fun to see that Süddeutsche Zeitungrecommends The Valhalla Murders.

New Novel

My newest novel is out! It took me 6 years to finish it, but it's finally here. It's in Icelandic, called Dimmuborgir (Dark Cities), and publishes by Forlagið, Iceland's biggest publishing house.

The book is about literature critic Elmar Arnarsson, who gets new information about the death of his best friend Felix 25 years earlier. He's always been certain that Felix was killed, but becomes obsessed with trying to find out the truth about his friend's fate.But revisiting his painful past shakes Elmar's lonesome existence to the core.

The title of the novel comes from this place in Iceland, famous for its unusually shaped lava fields.

The Reykjavík Grapevine

I did a small interview in The Reykjavík Grapevine about my quarantine in Barcelona and other things. It's in English and you can read it here.

Dagbladet Review

Dagbladet, one of Norway's biggest newspapers, writes a very favorable review about The Valhalla Murders, in an article called "Icelandic Crime Pearl":

"...this mystery is executed with such sophisticated craftsmanship that it stands out in a burgeoning serial market. The Valhalla Murders lives up to genre expectations in every way: It is a clinically cool and visually hyper-realistic crime mystery that could have taken place anywhere, but magnificently added to Icelandic lowlands."

Concluding: "Netflix's first Icelandic series is quality content of the hard-boiled, unbleached Nordic noir type."

Screen Rant

The popular film site Screen Rant recommends The Valhalla Murders, saying: "Travel to the cold and monochromatic country of Iceland by enjoying this unique whodunnit. The series follows a female detective named Kata whose town becomes a killing ground for an unknown serial slayer. The person seems to be targetting older men, and the crimes are connected by knife slashes around each victim's eyes.

Adding: "The Valhalla Murders manages to provide an inside look into the workings of Kata's Icelandic police department, into the family dynamics that inform detective work, and into the public response to violence."

Review from Chile

Here's a nice review from Chile: "The greatest strength of this production is its characters. Human, fragile, full of flaws and weaknesses."

Adding: "The Murders of Valhalla are a pleasant surprise from northern Europe, which refreshes with different languages ​​and rhythms a genre that seems exhausted in the West, but that can always be successfully reinvented."

Entertainment Weekly

The Valhalla Murders is one of the 10 foreign-language shows that Entertainment Weekly recommends to watch during the quarantine. Not bad.

Review in La Diaria

La Diara, Uruguay's second biggest newspaper, published a very nice review about The Valhalla Murders, praising its characters, the writing, and the original approach to the genre, in terms of the last three episodes, concluding: "The Valhalla Murders is worth every minute of its duration and deserves a good marathon in these days of withdrawal (or any other day)."

Slavoj Zizek

Fun to read that the famous philosopher Slavoj Zizek watched The Valhalla Murders and liked it. I used to study his work back in University, when I did my philosophy degree.

Aftonbladet again

The Valhalla Murders is recommended again in Aftonbladet as one of the things to watch this week on Netflix.

Valhalla's Inspiration

Here's an article in Spanish about the success of The Valhalla Murders on Netflix since it dropped almost two weeks ago. It also talks about the real case that served as an inspiration for the series.

IMDb Popularity

The Valhalla Murders is nr. 33 on the list over the most visited TV series on the website, close to The Plot Against America, which premiered around the same time. Pretty cool.

Polish Review

Here's a nice review on a Polish website, which calls The Valhalla Murders a "condensed detective story" and goes on to "recommend this captivating, well-shot Icelandic series with conviction".

German Review

Here's a review for The Valhalla Murders in German. I'm not sure what the man is saying, but he gives the series a 7/10, and the clip has almost 30.000 views. Not bad.


Aftonbladet, Sweden's biggest newspaper and one of the biggest papers in Scandinavia, puts The Valhalla Murders on its list of 6 new TV series to watch (along with great shows like The Plot Against America and Hillary).

It writes:"Really beautiful, dark, moody and difficult Nordic noir, which has just landed on Netflix.Icelandic "The Valhalla murders" (eight parts) not only has the perfect title, but also a solid gloom, winter-white plot, social misery, cops wrestling with darkness in the past and of course horrific murders."

More Top 10 Lists

Here's a small update on the Netflix Top 10 lists that The Valhalla Murders has been on for the past few days. In addition to the countries I mentioned the other day, it's also been in:

- Austria
- Greece
- South-Africa
- Argentina
- Australia

Again, thanks for watching!

Top 10 lists

The Valhalla Murders, which came on Netflix last Friday, has entered various Top 10 lists of the content most watched all around the world. This weekend, it's been on the Top 10 lists in:

- Canada
- France
- Germany
- Spain
- Italy
- Netherlands
- Turkey
- Poland
- Sweden
- Norway
- New-Zealand
- Brazil
- Uganda

Thanks for watching!

Articles on The Valhalla Murders

Some interesting articles about The Valhalla Murders have been published the past few days, explaining its origins, real-story inspiration, and so on. Most of them have spoilers.

Here's an article on the Breidavik boys' home that inspired the series.

And here's another one on the same topic.

Here's another article by the same journalist that dives deep into the series, especially the Nordic mythology of it.

And finally, here's a short article on Decider - Stream It Or Skip It - that tells people to stream it.

First Reviews

The first reviews for The Valhalla Murders have started to appear. Here are some of them:

"A riveting whodunit ... bound to keep you hooked to your screen for eight hours straight ... one of the strongest foreign-language series I have watched on Netflix in a while." The Cinemaholic

"A powerful whodunit ... a well-crafted thriller ... a great watch." Meoww

"A solid crime-mystery thriller that should satisfy fans of this genre." Heaven of Horror

"An impressive Icelandic limited series which boasts a frigid atmosphere and an engaging murder-mystery plot." Ready Steady Cut

"Genre-fans grab it, newcomers watch it." Moviepilot


The Valhalla Murders has been on various lists all around the world for TV series to watch this March on Netflix. Here are a few of them: Popsugar, Glamour UK, Vocal, and Time Out Portugal.

The series comes on Netflix this Friday, yes, the 13th. Can't wait!


The Valhalla Murders will come to Netflix worldwide March 13th, as Iceland's first Netflix Original Series. I'm very excited to see the reaction from people around the world!


The film UNA (Recurrence), written by Marteinn Thorsson and me, is in full pre-production mode. It had a few "test" shooting days last December, with principal photography planned to start in September. It's produced by Gudrun Edda Thorhannesdottir.

Marteinn Thorsson also serves as the director, while the script is based on a novel by me from 2012. I'm looking forward to bring you more news about this exciting project.


The Valhalla Murders is now being shown on DR - the Danish national broadcasting company. Fun times.

The Valhalla Murders

The Valhalla Murders started airing in Iceland this Christmas, to very positive feedback.

Tonight, the third episode is on the Icelandic National Broadcasting service (RÚV), and later this month, it will air on the BBC and DR, before hitting Netflix in March.

La Vanguardia

Yesterday I was in the Spanish/Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, talking about Scandinavian culture in Barcelona, The Valhalla Murders, writing, and some other things. It's in Catalan.

BBC Culture

Fun to see that BBC Culture puts The Valhalla Murders on its list of ten TV shows to watch this December.