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NFTVF Support

Reykjavik 112 , which is now shooting in Iceland, has received a 180.000 Euro support from the Nordisk Film and TV Foundation. A great honor and boost for the series, which will premiere next year.   I serve as the show's head writer, which consists of 6x50min episodes.

Shooting starts

C21 Media is the first one to report that the nordic noir mystery thriller REYKJAVIK 112 has started shooting. I serve as the show's lead writer, which is based on the highly-acclaimed thriller DNA by bestselling writer Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Look forward to bringing you more details on the project. 

Scandinavian Screenings

I attended Scandinavian Screenings earlier this week to pitch a project, where I serve as the head writer. It was great fun and gathered a lot of interest from international buyers. The show is an Icelandic Nordic Noir - or actually, Nordic Blue , because it will shoot over the summer months - and is called REYKJAVIK 112. The six-parter is based on DNA by Yrsa Sigurdardottir and will start principal photography June 27th. 

LA Screenings

Variety puts The Darkness on its "20 Shows You Don't Want to Miss" and writes:  " Based on bestselling thrillers by Ragnar Jónasson, in “The Darkness” all the attention turns to inspector Hulda Hermannsdóttir – battling her own traumas as she investigates grizzly murder. Hulda doesn’t take kindly to change and yet it cannot be stopped: she is facing early retirement  and  forced to welcome a new partner. But Hulda’s goal is clear: she needs to catch the killer, no matter the cost. Legendary actor Lena Olin (“Enemies: A Love Story”) joins forces with fellow Oscar nominee Lasse Hallström, who will direct. Produced by CBS Studios, Stampede Ventures and Truenorth – and distributed outside of Iceland by Paramount Global Content Distribution– this show will be broadcasted locally by Siminn."  

The Darkness in LA Screenings

  The pilot of The Darkness was premiered in LA Screenings a few days ago, as reported by Variety . I had the honor of writing two episodes in this great project, starring Lena Olin, directed by Lasse Hallström.  Paramount Global Content Distribution is handling the international distribution of this 6-part thriller, which should air this fall.

Script Grant

An Icelandic project that I worked on, called Land , has received the first two script grants from the Icelandic Film Centre . It's a 6-part miniseries that I hope I can bring more news on later.  

The Darkness

  The Hollywood Reporter published an article on The Darkness , which is now shooting in Iceland. Of the six episodes, I had the great honor of writing two.   

Production Grant

An Icelandic TV project that I've been working on has received a production grant of 70 million ISK (463.000 EUR) from the Icelandic Film Centre . It's called Reykjavik 112 and is based on the bestseller DNA by Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Hoping to bring you some more good news about it in the new year.  

The Darkness

A project that I've been working on lately was announced last week in the The Hollywood Reporter . It's a 6-part TV show for CBS called The Darkness , and I'm writing 2 of the episodes. Lasse Hallström will direct all 6 episodes, and his wife Lena Olin will play the lead. Shooting will start in a few weeks.

Haugesund Film Festival

My screenplay City of Lava (adapted from one of my novels) has been selected to participate in this year's edition of The Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund. Great news for this project, which I'm very excited about. 

Various Projects

I've been quiet for the past few months, but keeping very busy in various exciting projects, both film and TV. Some of them based in Iceland, others in the UK and Europe. Looking forward to being able to announce some of them, or at least some further details, here in the near future.   

Scandinavian Screening

A TV series that I've been working on with director Thordur Palsson was invited to participate in this year's Scandinavian Screenings . The project, named FLATEYRI, is backed up by the Icelandic broadcaster RÚV.  Here's the text about the project: " 6x50 disaster drama co-created by   The Vallhalla Murders ’ director Þórður Pálsson and head-writer Ottar Nordfjord. Produced by Glassriver.   Flateyri  tells the true story of Iceland’s worst natural disaster, through the eyes of a torn family. The series explores the grief this tragedy left behind, and the national unity it sparked."  

Silver Salt Films

I've been quiet for the past few months, but I've been busy with a few projects that are at various different stages. One of them was a treat, a screenplay I worked on for the brilliant UK-production company Silver Salt Films. Hope to bring you more news on that - and other stuff - soon!  

Vulture Magazine

Fun to see that  Vulture Magazine puts The Valhalla Murders on its "10 Icy Nordic Thrillers to Get You Through the Winter" list. A pretty "cool" list and proud to be on it.

Another film grant

The TV series that I've been working on with director Tinna Hrafnsdóttir has received the 2nd film grant from the Icelandic Film Centre. It's called Gólanhæðir , which is a nickname for the Reykjavík neighborhood Breiðholt . We're very excited to see this project getting pushed further ahead.

2nd Film Grant

  An Icelandic TV series that I've been working on with director Thordur Palsson ( The Valhalla Murders ) has received the second film grant from the Icelandic Film Centre. It's called FLATEYRI and it's about a horrible avalanche that hit the village of Flateyri, located in Iceland's West Fjords. It happened in 1995 and cost 20 lives. It's a dramatic, heroic story that Thordur and me are passionate about bringing to the big screen.     

Small update

I've been quiet for the past months but keeping busy on various different projects. I'm not yet at liberty to speak about them in any real detail, but I'm sure I'll be able to bring you some news and updates in the near future.

3rd Film Grant

The Icelandic Film Centre has awarded my film project Dimmuborgir ( Dark Cities ) the third and final script grant. My own adaptation of my novel is heading closer and closer to the big screen, and the talented director Erlingur Thoroddsen will direct the movie, while Zik Zak Filmworks will produce.      

A New Mystery Project

 I've been hired on a super interesting and fun project, but I can't say a lot about it for now. Except that it's a TV series, and that it takes place in the stunningly beautiful Faroe Islands. I'll keep you updated when the news breaks.    

Zik Zak buys Dimmuborgir

The Icelandic film production company Zik Zak has bought the film rights to my novel Dimmuborgir . Very excited to be working with them on the adaptation. A director is also attached, who will be announced later. Dimmuborgir is moving slowly but steadily towards the big screen.      

Casarotto Ramsay & Associates

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now being represented by the London-based talent agency Casarotto Ramsay & Associates . My agent is the hugely talented Jack Gilchrist.  Looking forward to working with them and the other great people at Casarotto!      

Pegasus Pictures

The Icelandic production company Pegasus Pictures has commissioned me to develop a TV series from their original idea. It's a fantastic concept, which I hope I can share more details about later on.

GQ Mexico

The Mexican edition of GQ magazine puts The Valhalla Murders on its list of Nordic Noir series to watch on Netflix, writing: "This Icelandic thriller is without a doubt one of the best ones on Netflix."


An Icelandic TV series that I've been working on lately with Thordur Palsson ( The Valhalla Murders ) has received the first film grant from the Icelandic Film Centre. It's working title is FLATEYRI and it's based on the incredible book Nóttin sem breytti öllu ( The Night that Changed Everything) by Sóley Eiríksdóttir. As the title suggests, it's about the village of Flateyri , which is situated in Iceland's West Fjords, and a horrible avalanche that hit it in 1995, resulting in 20 deaths. It wasn't just a blow to the small fishing community, but to the whole island. Thordur and me are passionate about this difficult but heroic story.  Currently, Saga Film is set to produce.  

Film Grant

  A TV series I've been working on with director Tinna Hrafnsdóttir has received the first film grant from the Icelandic Film Centre. It's titled Gólanhæðir , a play on the name of the Reykjavík neighborhood Breiðholt , which plays a large part of the show. I hope to tell you more about this project in the near future.

15 Nominations to Edda

  The Valhalla Murders is nominated to 15 Eddas , the Icelandic Film and TV awards, including for Best Screenplay, making it the most nominated work this year. Happy and honored!  

Exciting New Project

I've signed a deal with the German film production company Amusement Park to work on a very exciting project. I can't go into details, but I'm looking forward to bringing you more news about it later.      

3rd Script Grant

The Icelandic Film Centre has awarded the film project I'm working on with director/producer David Oskar Olafsson the 3rd and last script grant. Very pleased. Would love to see this movie made!

Second script grant

  The Icelandic Film Centre has awarded my film project, Dimmuborgir (Dark Cities), which is based on my own novel, the second script grant. Very honored. Now the work on the script itself begins!    

Screen Rant

 Screen Rant puts The Valhalla Murders on its "10 hugely underrated 2020 Netflix Original Series" list , writing: "For the most part,  The Valhalla Murders  is pretty procedural with its typical whodunit premise. However, by keeping its conflicts taut, its characters grounded, and its cinematography top-notch, the show rises above most other run-of-the-mill cop noir shows."  

Interview in Fréttablaðið

I did a small interview about the success of The Valhalla Murders in the UK.  It's in Fréttablaðið, in Icelandic, and can be read here .    

BBC best TV shows of 2020

Very honored and happy to see that the BBC puts The Valhalla Murders on its "Best TV shows of 2020" list, with other great shows and favorites like Schitt's Creek, Pen15, Dark, Devs, and I may Destroy You. They write: "With its lingering dramatic shots of desolate Iceland, atmospheric soundtrack and dark themes, this eight-part Nordic-noir is perfect for winter bingeing." The full list can be read here .    

Viewing in the UK

The Valhalla Murders have had a tremendous audience in the UK, with each episode getting around or over one million viewers.  

Spectator Life List

The Valhalla Murders is on The Spectator's Life list for the best European shows to watch on Netflix, with such fantastic series as Babylon Berlin , Caliphate , Dark, Money Heist and more: "...the eight-part series weaves in enough clever procedural twists to have fans of the genre keenly watching every move." The full list is here .

Zizek on The Valhalla Murders

  Renowned philosopher Slavoj Zizek was a guest at the popular podcast Red Scare, and had this to say: “I think serious civilization is defined by two things: That you have good detective writers, and good TV series. That’s why Iceland, Reykjavík, and so on, I love them, my favorite place almost in the world. They have now The Valhalla Murders , and so on, excellent TV miniseries.” The full interview can be watched here . He starts talking about Iceland and The Valhalla murders on minute 1:28:15.      

Best Saturday drama result in 2 years

The website Broadcast collects viewer statistics in the UK and published this article a few days ago. According to it, The Valhalla Murders achieved BBC4's best Saturday drama result in two years: "BBC4's Icelandic Drama The Valhalla Murders began on Saturday night with 800,100/4% at 9pm - the highest BBC4 drama of the week and the channel's best Saturday night drama rating in at least two years."  

800.000 viewers

Liam Hamilton, who writes regularly on British TV ratings, revealed that 800.000 people watched the two first episodes of The Valhalla Murders last Saturday night. A fantastic start to our series in the UK!    

Trending in the UK

   While the first two episodes of The Valhalla Murders were shown on BBC4 Saturday night, the hashtag TheValhallamurders trended on the UK twitter. Pretty cool.

The Killing Times

  The Killing Times gives The Valhalla Murders 3 1/2 stars in its review, writing among other things: "As starts go, it was a good one."  The full review can be read here .

4-star review

  The i gives The Valhalla Murders 4-stars in its review, writing: "It feels like ages since we’ve been treated to a nicely chilled slab of Nordic Noir. And for those who enjoy their murders bloody, landscapes windswept and brooding and knitwear low-key stylish, The Valhalla Murders ticked all the boxes." The full review can be read here .

4 stars in the Financial Times

The Financial Times gives The Valhalla Murders 4 stars in its review, mentioning "hypnotic shots and tinkling dread", stating: "A wry and warm detective keeps the chilblains at bay in this frosty Icelandic thriller about a serial killer."  The full review can be read here .  

Top 10 list

The i , the British national morning paper distributed across the UK, puts The Valhalla Murders on its list of 10 best TV shows to watch this week. The full list can be found here .

Derry Journal

  The Irish newspaper the Derry Journal writes an article about Nordic Noir on BBC4 because The Valhalla Murders is airing there Saturday 21st November. You can read it here .  

Most viewed in Belgium

Canvas , the Belgian television channel of the Flemish public broadcasting organisation VRT, started showing The Valhalla Murders last week, and it became the most viewed program on the channel.  You can read more about it here .

BBC4 - update

The Valhalla Murders will premiere on BBC4 Saturday 21st November at 21:00. Two episodes will be shown each Saturday, 4 nights in total until Christmas.  It's an honor to be shown at that time, since series like Borgen , The Bridge , and The Killing were shown at the same time on the same channel


Here' s a nice coverage about The Valhalla Murders on RAC1, the Catalan radio station.  


The Valhalla Murders will be shown on BBC4 in November. The trailer for the show is on the BBC page, and can be seen here . Looking forward to seeing and hearing what the UK thinks about our series.  

The Spectator Life

Spectator Life, the lifestyle magazine from The Spectator, put together a list of the best Scandi Noir to watch this winter, and The Valhalla Murders is on it, along with some of my favorites, likes Bordertown and Caliphate .   The full list can be read here .      

First Film Grant

  The Icelandic Film Centre has granted my movie project Dimmuborgir ( Dark Cities ) the first screenwriting grant. The project is based on my own novel, which I published in April, and I highly look forward to developing the story further.   

Danish TV show

  The news about the new TV show I'm working on is out and I did two interviews, but they're both in Icelandic.  It's a Danish TV show, which I'm writing with fellow-Icelandic writer from The Valhalla Murders , Mikael Torfason . I can't really say much about the project at this stage, except that it's being produced by two-time Academy Award winner Kim Magnusson , and helping us with the story is renowned film maker Achim Von Borries ( Babylon Berlin , Goodbye Lenin ).  The Icelandic interviews are here and here .