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The Liar

Here's an interview with my Icelandic publisher, Tómas Hermannsson, where he talks about the books he's publishing this Christmas, among them my crime novel called Lygarinn (The Liar).

The journalist writes: "Óttar M. Norðfjörð has in recent years made a name for himself as one of our most promising crime fiction authors, and now he publishes The Liar. There two stories take place: One in modern Iceland, where a secret war is being waged about important information, the other one takes us back to the year 1972 when Robert James Fischer and Boris Spassky played for the world championship in chess in Laugardalshöll."

And my publisher says: "Óttar's books were published in Spain and Germany this spring and summer. His career is constantly growing, and I think he's getting better with each book he writes. If Arnaldur Indriðason and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir are the king and queen of Icelandic crime fiction then Ottar is undoubtedly the crown prince."