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This year will be my busiest yet - I'm currently working on a hard-boiled thriller, set in Iceland, planned for publication next autumn. It's quite an interesting project, which I'll tell you more about later, when things become clearer.

During the evening, when I've given everything I can to the novel, I'm working on a movie script for an Icelandic producer, with a certain Icelandic director in mind as the director.

I'm also writing another script, with another Icelandic director, which is slowly taking off.

These three projects will occupy most of my time for the next 4-5 months, but aside from them, I'll be helping out and brainstorming in yet another project, which is very interesting, with a very interesting director.

Internationally, my literature agent is working on getting my novels translated into new languages, and at the moment there's interest from many countries in different continents.

So, busy times ahead, but very fun indeed.